Using holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a base treatments are aimed to ease symptoms while attending the root cause for a whole body approach to wellness
Nicci works with many types of pain, injury & health conditions while calming the nervous system for added relaxation and well-being to support optimum results
See Nicci for her gentle style, years of knowledge and experience as a practitioner, teacher & coach to support you towards better health & wellness
Types of Treatment include:

Traditional TCM Acupuncture // Dry Needling (Myofascial release) // Relaxation & well being treatments  // Cupping // Women's health // Pain & Injury treatments // Illness Recovery // Much more...

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Acupuncture Specialist - Nicci Blain
ACC Registered Provider, Member Acupuncture New Zealand
Ara Osteopathic Clinic
154 Madras St
Garden City Health
221 Innes Raod