Nicci Blain

Acupuncture Specialist

Teacher - Allied health

ACC Registered Provider

NDA, BHSc.Acu (4yrs)

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Science has made huge leaps to help our understanding of the human body, however it is yet to find all the  answers to  truly understand health.   My treatment style reflects this by balancing an evidence based  science model of practice while still honoring the holistic nature & energy within Traditional Chinese Medicine.  


Time working as a teacher & lecturer of health science subjects at the NZ College of Massage & local acupuncture schools has been a fantastic way to broaden knowledge and clinical skills. I continue to travel offering a range of workshops for allied practitioners in subjects such as  holistic wellness,  Cupping, injury rehabilitation & Chinese  medicine. 


Types of Treatment include:

Traditional TCM Acupuncture // Dry Needling (Myofascial release) // Relaxation & well being treatments  // Cupping // Women's health // Pain & Injury treatments // Illness Recovery // Much more...

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Acupuncture Specialist - Nicci Blain
ACC Registered Provider, Member Acupuncture New Zealand
Ara Osteopathic Clinic
154 Madras St
Garden City Health
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