Professional Supervision:                   1hr consultation                   $110

Support for therapist professional development, debriefing & case load management.

In person or online options available. 

Book online for a free 15min confidential chat (via ph or in person), or email to discuss your individual needs in this area.

To be in best practice service to our patients, as practitioners, we too need to take care of our health and wellbeing; physically, mentally & emotionally.


Undertaking "Supervision" within an allied health context is simply engaging with a caring professional to act as your personal career support person.

Weather you are a new grad or seasoned professional, the ability to debrief, problem solve, set goals and continue to grow helps you stay positive and refreshed for the long term sustainability and enjoyment of your chosen career.

As a current clinician and former teacher I bring many years of experience working one on one with clients & students in multi-disciplinary and private sector clinical settings.


I also know what it is like to juggle work, kids, and other life demands.  Our working lives are a big part of our holistic well being.  As healthcare providers we all want to do a good job, help others, earn a living, grow, and feel like we have purpose & belonging both at home and at work.


Disruptions to this flow can lead to overwhelm, dissatisfaction, stress, and/or disengagement from our work.  At its worst this can effect the workplace, home life, and in the longer term the experience for our patients and our selves.


Just as is in Traditional Chinese medicine, my supervision style is aimed holistically to help you to reflect on maintaining your own balance, ease, productivity and growth within your working life.


Confidential sessions are lead by you. Support can include debriefing case loads, clinical support, integrating learning, task management and patient care.  


Sessions can also include mentoring, counseling and coaching for career professional development, clinical learning and integration, accountability, goal setting, and motivation,

As a registered (once I've graduated Dec 2021) Allied health Supervisor. Your supervision could be used to obtain CPD hours, and can be funded through workplace contracts. Please see your professional body or work place to confirm.

Finding the right supervisor is a very personal process. Please email for more information, or book online for a free 15 min confidential chat to see if I am the right person for you.

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