TCM Comprehensive Treatment:                                                                      45mins       $75


Comprehensive consultation & treatment using two or more Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques such as Acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, moxa &/or  massage to ease stress and holistically support pain, injury or illness recovery.


Follow-up treatment                                                                                            30mins       $55                   

Need to have seen Nicci previously.  To be used for one treatment intervention only such as acupuncture &/or dry needling.   (More than one interventions such as adding cupping  and/or estim requires continuation of a comprehensive approach as above).


ACC injury recovery treatment                                                                           45mins    $40  

Comprehensive TCM treatment with a specific ACC injury focus.


*Self or practitioner referral, This is a surcharge payment only. Must have a accepted ACC no & date of injury within the last 12 months, otherwise standard rates apply


Professional Supervision:                                                                           1 hr                  $110

"Supervision" offers a mechanism of support for the development & maintenance of well-being for the professional self. 

Sessions lead by you can include debriefing and mentoring to aid stress relief and/or coaching to support professional development, accountability, goal setting, motivation, and resiliency. 

Traditionally used for practitioners in a healthcare setting, now available to all who would like support to maintain a sustainable and satisfying career & work-life balance.

In person or online options available.

Please feel welcome to book a free 15 min consult via ph or in person to discuss your requirements or Contact:

Clinic location:


​​Garden City Health

221 Innes Road, St Albans

Christchurch 8052

03 356 2436

Garden City Health is a multi-disciplinary clinic owned by chiropractor Guy Trolove.

We have a great team of chiropractors, an ostopath & massage therapy onsite